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Finnegan Tui


Kiwi-born Finnegan Tui dances with tradition. Inspired by the rich storytelling of folk music, he playfully combines acoustic intimacy with elements of grand, electronic flair. Finnegan’s relationship with nature is a continuous presence within his music; emphasized through using birdsong, thunder, and river water as samples. His debut single, Once i’m Gone, released on June 18th, 2021, is a prime example of this. With production courtesy of the Grammy award-winning Matt Lawrence, the song immerses listeners within a dark, natural soundscape. Finnegan collaborators include: his co-producer, Jasper Trim and Charlie Andrew, the mind behind Alt-J. Stirring up a live buzz, Finnegan has supported Cosmo Sheldrake (EartH), Elder Island (Oval Space), and Ajimal (The Waiting Room). Finnegan has also turned the heads of publications such as Wonderland, Notion, Earmilk, and XSNoise, whilst being featured on BBC Radio 6’s ‘introducing mixtape’. With his debut EP, Zephyr, out now, the story of Finnegan Tui is soon to be heard.

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