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Dublin raised MATT TAYLOR paints an intimate self-portrait with his emotive brand of supercharged pop. Displaying vulnerability through an introspective sound palette, MATT’s story is draped in themes of affection and loss. Similar to a diary, his music reads like a therapeutic soundboard - looking to comfort and empower those who peer within. MATT’s life and music go hand in hand, his experiences directly informing his work. 

Production-wise, MATT pays homage to bubblegum pop legends such as SOPHIE and A.G. Cook. He is unafraid to introduce layers of twisted synth upon rippling bass, yet simultaneously exhibit pop-flavored melodies parallel to the work of Taylor Swift and Lorde. MATT embodies this relentless expression in all aspects of his persona: his zippy, bold attitude, sharp, vibrant style, and piercing white hair. All of which are bountifully packaged within his music. 


Sitting on a wealth of chart-threatening singles, MATT TAYLOR is eyeing up the main stage in 2022.

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