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Serel's feelings blossom into delicate songwriting. Losing her father at the early age of 17, Serel moved to Istanbul where she searched for belonging and artistic direction. It was here that she began acting, a career in which she could expose her vulnerability. However, Serel soon realised that her creative ambitions lay within music. As such, Serel left everything behind and took to the UK, where she bonded with songwriter, Jimmy Kent. It was through this relationship that she found her musical direction, taking inspiration from an array of influences: The Doors, Pink Floyd, Nirvana, Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, and Queen.


Serel released her debut single ‘Daddy’s Gone’ in January 2021, a blend of powerful vocals and unfiltered emotion. In this unpredictable, heartfelt ballad: Serel reminds people that strength isn't measured by a hardened exterior. Instead, real strength is never giving up, no matter what happens to you.

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